Watch NFR Run Breakdowns with Ivy Saebens: Part 2

Ivy Saebens is back on The Replay to break down runs from Rounds 3 and 4 of 2022 National Finals […]

Dec 5, 2022

By Barrel Racing Editors

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Initiating Contact Before the Backside of the Turn coach and NFR qualifier Ivy Saebens demonstrates how she makes contact with the the bit before the backside of […]

Oct 18, 2022

By Barrel Racing Editors

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Tips From A Team Roper: Ivy Saebens Shares How Her NFR-Qualifying Husband Helped Her Barrel Racing

Ivy Saebens talks about how she’s learned from her NFR-qualifying husband Billie Jack Saebens to develop more effective leg cues. […]

Sep 12, 2022

By Barrel Racing Editors

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Out of Nowhere (But No Surprise) Ivy Saebens Moves to 16th in the World

Road savvy professional barrel racer and coach Ivy Saebens is shrewdly navigating a year-end journey that hopes to find […]

Jul 29, 2022

By Bonnie Wheatley

Ivy Saebens Barrel Racing Launches New Barrel Racing Training Series with Ivy Saebens

Boulder, Colorado—June 6, 2022 – continues to bring the best competitors and coaches in the world together by adding […]

Jun 6, 2022

By Barrel Racing Editors

S2 Ep 14: Ivy Saebens

We have been wanting to talk to Ivy Saebens for a long time and finally got the opportunity a few […]

Dec 8, 2021

By Michaela Jaycox

BONUS EPISODE: 2021 NFR Round 6 Winner Interview and Recap

Round 6 Winner Ivy Saebens and JLO with a 13.43! These round interviews are brought to you by the team in […]

Dec 8, 2021

By Michaela Jaycox