The Spur Up 03 with MPC-07 from Elliott Bit ‘N Spur

After a costly run at the 2021 Women’s Rodeo World Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada, Tilly Jenski sought the expertise […]

Feb 24, 2022

By Bonnie Wheatley

Barrel Racing Outside the Box—Securing the Bag

Most barrel horses—and barrel racers—shudder at the thought of a dreaded plastic bag crossing their path.  Ashley Rogers, on the […]

Feb 15, 2022

By Casey Allen

Dirt Work: Award-Winning Rodeo Ground of 2021

A revolution is brewing in the rodeo business when it comes to the often-taboo subject of ground conditions and barrel […]

Dec 15, 2021

By Jolee Jordan

4 of Amy Jo Reisdorfer’s Favorite Bits

“I’m like every other barrel racer, I have a massive bit obsession,” said Amy Jo Reisdorfer, eight-time Mountain States Circuit […]

Nov 23, 2021

By Bonnie Wheatley

Kim Schulze barrel racing

Quick Bit Tip with Kim Schulze

Carl’s Hack from L&W Bits is one of Kim Schulze’s go-to barrel racing tools. “Probably my favorite bit would be […]

Oct 28, 2021

By Bonnie Wheatley

Some of the best barrel racing bits, according to Kelly Yates

Kelly Yates’ Bit Collection is ANYTHING But Basic.

Kelly Yates is a COWGIRL, and her family’s roping roots shine through when you look at her collection of barrel […]

Oct 24, 2021

By Bonnie Wheatley

The Equine Network Proudly Launches Instructional On-Demand Video Resource Customized for Barrel Racers

The on-demand video platform brings together the barrel racing industry’s leading horsemen and horsewomen to positively impact riders of all skill […]

Oct 21, 2021

By Bonnie Wheatley

Winter Barn Ventilation

Chilly weather is rapidly approaching and your instinct may be to close barn doors and windows to protect your horse […]

Oct 20, 2021

By EQUUS Magazine

Go-To Gear with Kay Cochran

Martin Saddlery Stingray saddle Best Ever pad Kerry Kelley ‘Rocket,’ a three-piece mouthpiece with copper Rollers Martin and Classic protective […]

Oct 19, 2021

By Bonnie Wheatley