Spurred to Victory: Michelle Darling Scores Reno Rodeo’s Silver Spurs

Darling’s summer run is sizzling thanks to a coveted Reno Rodeo title aboard her sensational mare Martini.

Darling’s summer run is sizzling thanks to a coveted Reno Rodeo title aboard her sensational mare Martini.

If the Reno Rodeo, held June 17-25, 2022, at Reno Livestock Events Center is any indication of how tough it’s going to be to make it to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo come December, barrel racing fans are in for great watching this summer.

In Reno, each of the eight perfs and their corresponding morning slack sessions saw the 96 qualifying card holders achieving consistent low 17’s and faster on the standard pattern. Reno Rodeo boasted $62,500 in added prize money for the barrel racers and by the time the finals for the top 12 had arrived on Saturday, June 25, a 16.85 by Megan McLeod-Sprague had already lit the leaderboard. Reigning Women’s Professional Rodeo Association World Champion Jordon Briggs and Famous Lil Jet (“Rollo”) duplicated that time in the short go, which they won. But in the end, no one was faster on three runs than Michelle Darling, Medford, Oklahoma, and Morning Traffic (“Martini”) with their 51.37.

Darling, who was bound for the St Paul Rodeo when Barrel Racing Magazine caught up with her, says she’s still wrapping her head around the win.

“After I ran and heard I’d bumped up to the top of the average by 1/100th of a second, I was like ‘no way,’” said Darling. “I was literally getting ready to walk back to the trailer when they put me on top of the leaderboard. I was still in shock; I just didn’t think I was going to win it. I thought Jordon had us beat.”   

After traveling from rodeos in North Platte, Nebraska, and Pleasant Grove, Utah, the week prior, Darling arrived in Reno with a little time to regroup.

“I got there on Monday, so Martini had all week to rest,” Darling said. “I didn’t run until Friday. We ran that morning in slack, and she won the first round then came back on our second run in the perf and ran a [17].3. We ended up being third in the average going into the short go. Honestly, it was tough, it was just a knife-fight. We were all so close on our times, there wasn’t really a big gap.”

Darling’s round one time of 17.00 was worth $4,610, while third in the finals with her 17.050 paid $1,707. The all-important aggregate earned her $6,915 for total Reno earnings of $13,232. Darling is eighth in the WPRA World Standings with $43,848 as of June 27.

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Darling knew she had to be solid and fast in the finals, especially considering she was late in the draw order, but didn’t necessarily bank on taking the Silver Spurs home.

“I was 10th on the ground in the short round, so I was like, ‘just go for that average check and do the best you can do,’” she said, outlining her strategy. “I didn’t add up what I needed to do to win it, I just wanted to go make a good run. After Stevi (Hillman) ran the 16.90, I was like ‘oh my gosh, that was fast,’ then Jordon [Briggs] backed it up with a [16].8, and I was like, ‘she just won Reno,’ and I hadn’t run yet.”

| FAST FACT: Terri Kaye Kirkland holds the Reno Rodeo arena record, a 16.73-second run from the second go round back in 2006. Hailey Kinsel came closest to catching it in 2021 with a 16.74.

The Reno finals is run from slowest to fastest, so the top two in the aggregate, Leslie Smalygo and McLeod-Sprague had yet to go. Darling couldn’t predict that the final outcome would remain in her favor.

“I knew Martini could do it, but I was so surprised when I won,” she said. “When you’re all that close in the average, you just don’t know.”

Darling says the Reno setup was much to Martini’s liking as the mare eats it up in big pens. A couple of her friends advised her to enter Reno, citing the fact that the pen would suit her mare, and they weren’t wrong.

“I don’t normally come out West this early. Since I’ve had a goal to make the NFR this year, I knew I’d have to go to all the big ones that I can,” said Darling, adding that she turned out of Greeley after Reno, opting instead to head to the Northwest. “I decided to come up here [to St. Paul] where it’s cooler and there’s more money added, plus it’s a one-header.”

Darling runs at St Paul on Friday, July 1, followed by Molalla and Eugene, Oregon, on Saturday and Sunday, respectively, and then Livingston, Montana, and Cody, Wyoming, both on Monday the Fourth of July. She plans to run her back-up horse Clares Fancy Firewater at Eugene.

“I’m entered up, that’s the thing, you can’t back off, you’ve got to stay with it. I’m not far enough ahead,” Darling said. “I’m just out here having fun and trying to survive. I’m just very thankful for the win in Reno and for the ground crew doing what they could do to make the ground good and hand-raking after every run in the finals, it was amazing that they did that.”

When asked if the draw position impacted her mindset in Reno, Darling says the draw is something that always factors in, but not to such a degree that it impedes her focus.

“I thought the ground was pretty good, it’s always hit or miss, sometimes there’s more moisture than at other times,” Darling said. “It’s rodeo ground, so it is what it is. The hand raking helps, but if you draw the top that’s just always a good spot to be in. I don’t even think about where I’m at on the ground, I just send her. If I do my job, she’ll do hers. Honestly, you can’t hold back, you’ve got to make a run. I try to keep her tight and not let her get out in the ruts that’ll slow her down. She did slip that night in the finals because it got a little bit slick on the backside of third barrel. She had a little slip, but she was just fast enough to take the lead.”

To keep Martini happy on the road, Darling says her routine involves a balance of rest and regular exercise.

“I pony her a lot. I ride her a little bit and rest her,” she said. “I try to stay off grounds and don’t stay at the rodeos. I do it if I have to, but if I can find somewhere to stay outside of the rodeo, that’s usually what I do. I just stay very consistent with her. We exercise every day. Whether it’s just walking or trotting, I do something with her every day.”

Joined by her 7-year-old daughter Demi on the road, Darling says co-mingling mom-life with rodeo life is not always easy, but she makes it work and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Wainwright Stampede

Wainwright Alberta, June 24-26

1. Braidy Howes, 17.19-second run, worth $2,157

2. Bayleigh Choate, 17.27-second run, worth $1,833

3. Wenda Johnson, 17.32-second run, worth $1,510

4. Tana Millard, 17.36-second run, worth $1,294

5. Lynette Brodoway, 17.40-second run, worth $1,078

6. Vanessa Salisbury, 17.41-second run, worth $755

7. Shayna Weir, 17.42-second run, worth $589

8. Shelby Spielman, 17.58-second run, worth $431

9. Joleen Downey, 17.60-second run, worth $377

10. Justine Elliott, 17.61-second run, worth $323

11. Dena Millard, 17.70-second run, worth $270

12. Lakota Bird, 17.71-second run, worth $216

Roughrider Days Rodeo

Dickinson, North Dakota, June 24-26

1. Summer Kosel, 17.06-second run, worth $2,035

2. Cydney Peterson, 17.08-second run, worth $1,744

3. Molly Otto, 17.12-second run, worth $1,454

4. Nicole Edland, 17.14-second run, worth $1,260

5. Jessica Routier, 17.19-second run, worth $969

6. Hallie Fulton, 17.20-second run, worth $775

7. Fonda Melby, 17.24-second run, worth $581

8. Brittney Barnett, 17.26-second run, worth $388

9. (tie) Shausta Blodgett, 17.28-second run, worth $242

10. (tie) Tia Murphy, 17.28-second run, worth $242

Old Santa Ynez Days

Santa Ynez, California, June 25-26

1. Shelley Holman, 14.25-second run, worth $1,733

2. (tie) Megan Champion, 14.35-second run, worth $1,362

3. (tie) Alanna Sing, 14.35-second run, worth $1,362

4. Sherrie Jones, 14.39-second run, worth $1,073

5. Jaycee Spence, 14.45-second run, worth $825

6. (tie) Cathy Cagliari, 14.53-second run, worth $578

7. (tie) Kelsey Hayden, 14.53-second run, worth $578

8. (tie) Miley Bunting, 14.54-second run, worth $289

9. (tie) Kathy Petska, 14.54-second run, worth $289

10. Abby Van Horn, 14.62-second run, worth $165

Sundre Pro Rodeo

Sundre, Alberta, June 24-26

1. Jennifer Neudorf, 17.31 seconds, $3,647

2. Taylor Manning, 17.51, $3,100

3. Lane Wills, 17.61, $2,553

4. Kirsty White, 17.63, $2,188

5. Shelby Spielman, 17.64, $1,824

6. (tie) Vanessa Leggett

7. (tie) Brooke Wills, 17.68, $1,094 each

8. Jordyn Tressider, 17.76, $729

9. Virginia Foran, 17.78, $638

10. Valerie Gillespie, 17.80, $547

11. Sandra Carter, 17.83, $456

12. Blake Molle, 17.86, $365

Augusta American Legion Rodeo

Augusta, Montana, June 26

1. Tia Murphy, 17.35-second run, worth $859

2. Taylour Russell, 17.63-second run, worth $747

3. (tie) Tayla Moeykens, 17.81-second run, worth $579

4. (tie) Heidi Schmid, 17.81-second run, worth $579

5. Alicia Bird, 17.84-second run, worth $411

6. Maggie Poloncic, 17.88-second run, worth $299

7. Danielle Wright, 17.89-second run, worth $187

8. Marlee Mussmann, 17.92-second run, worth $75

Reno Rodeo

Reno, Nevada, June 17-25

First Round

1. Michelle Darling, 17.00-second run, worth $4,610

2. Taycie Matthews, 17.12-second run, worth $3,951

3. Leslie Smalygo, 17.18-second run, worth $3,293

4. Nellie Miller, 17.20-second run, worth $2,854

5. Shelly Mull, 17.23-second run, worth $2,195

6. Paige Jones, 17.26-second run, worth $1,756

7. Shannon McReynolds, 17.28-second run, worth $1,317

8. Loni Lester, 17.34-second run, worth $878

9. Latricia Mundorf, 17.35-second run, worth $659

10. Jordon Briggs, 17.39-second run, worth $439

Second round

1. Megan McLeod-Sprague, 16.85-second run, worth $4,610

2. Shelley Morgan, 17.03-second run, worth $3,951

3. Halyn Lide, 17.04-second run, worth $3,293

4. Katie Pascoe, 17.05-second run, worth $2,854

5. Leslie Smalygo, 17.10-second run, worth $2,195

6. Stevi Hillman, 17.13-second run, worth $1,756

7. (tie) Savannah Bennett, 17.14-second run, worth $1,098

8. (tie) Jordon Briggs, 17.14-second run, worth $1,098

9. Steely Steiner, 17.22-second run, worth $659

10. Anita Ellis, 17.24-second run, worth $439


1. Jordon Briggs, 16.85-second run, worth $3,415

2. Stevi Hillman, 16.90-second run, worth $2,561

3. Michelle Darling, 17.05-second run, worth $1,707

4. Shelley Morgan, 17.11-second run, worth $854


1. Michelle Darling, 51.37 seconds on three head, worth $6,915

2. Jordon Briggs, 51.38 seconds on three head, worth $5,927

3. Megan McLeod-Sprague, 51.39 seconds on three head, worth $4,939

4. Stevi Hillman, 51.57 seconds on three head, worth $4,281

5. Taycie Matthews, 51.60 seconds on three head, worth $3,293

6. Shelley Morgan, 51.63 seconds on three head, worth $2,634

7. (tie) Katie Pascoe, 51.71 seconds on three head, worth $1,646

8. (tie) Halyn Lide, 51.71 seconds on three head, worth $1,646

9. Paige Jones, 52.01 seconds on three head, worth $988

10. Loni Lester, 52.12 seconds on three head, worth $659

West of the Pecos Rodeo

Pecos, Texas June 22-25

1. Shelley Morgan, 17.63-second run, worth $4,037

2. Andrea Cline, 17.64-second run, worth $3,230

3. Sissy Winn, 17.71-second run, worth $2,624

4. Emily Beisel, 17.73-second run, worth $2,019

5. Jill Wilson, 17.78-second run, worth $1,615

6. Jamie Olsen, 17.80-second run, worth $1,211

7. Lisa Fernandes, 17.81-second run, worth $1,009

8. Sidney Forrest, 17.83-second run, worth $908

9. Jymmy Cox, 17.95-second run, worth $807

10. Andrea Busby, 18.01-second run, worth $707

11. Jana Bean, 18.02-second run, worth $606

12. Savannah Woodfin, 18.03-second run, worth $505

13. (tie) Laura Mote, 18.04-second run, worth $227

14. (tie) Leia Pluemer, 18.04-second run, worth $227

15. (tie) Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, 18.04-second run, worth $227

16. (tie) Ilyssa Riley, 18.04-second run, worth $227

Rodeo of the Ozarks

Springdale, Arkansas June 22-25

1. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, 16.94-second run, worth $3,479

2. Cayla Small, 16.96-second run, worth $2,783

3. Randi Holliday, 17.04-second run, worth $2,261

4. Kristin Hanchey, 17.18-second run, worth $1,739

5. Katie Chism, 17.22-second run, worth $1,392

6. (tie) Sidney Forrest, 17.30-second run, worth $957

7. (tie Stephanie Fryar, 17.30-second run, worth $957

8. Kenzley Walker, 17.33-second run, worth $783

9. Jill Hayes, 17.35-second run, worth $696

10. Mary Brooks, 17.40-second run, worth $609

11. Kylee Scribner, 17.41-second run, worth $522

12. (tie) Andrea Haden, 17.48-second run, worth $391

13. (tie) Tracy Nowlin, 17.48-second run, worth $391

14. Emily Beisel, 17.50-second run, worth $261

15. Elizabeth Schmid, 17.51-second run, worth $174

Crooked River Roundup

Prineville, Oregon, June 23-25

1. Jessie Telford, 17.27 seconds-second run, worth $3,395

2. Cheyenne Allan, 17.45-second run, worth $2,716

3. Shelly Mull, 17.47-second run, worth $2,207

4. Cambria Estep, 17.51-second run, worth $1,698

5. (tie) Bailey Cline, 17.53-second run, worth $1,188

6. (tie) Amberleigh Moore, 17.53-second run, worth $1,188

7. Kacey Gartner, 17.54-second run, worth $849

8. Emma Charleston, 17.55-second run, worth $764

9. Megan Champion, 17.58-second run, worth $679

10. Sharon Woods, 17.60-second run, worth $594

11. Jodi Goodrich, 17.61-second run, worth $509

12. Rainy Robinson, 17.65-second run, worth $424

13. Tanya Jones, 17.69-second run, worth $340

14. Kennedy Buckner, 17.73-second run, worth $255

15. (tie) Jessica McMahon, 17.74-second run, worth $85

16. (tie) Carlee Otero, 17.74-second run, worth $85

Crystal Springs Rodeo

Clear Lake, South Dakota, June 23-25

  1. (tie) Lakken Bice
  2. 2. (tie) Jessica Routier, 16.02-second run, worth $2,182 each
  3. 3. Sherry Cervi, 16.06-second run, worth $1,652
  4. 4. Ericka Nelson, 16.18-second run, worth $1,416
  5. 5. Molly Otto, 16.37-second run, worth $1,180
  6. 6. Alyssa Gabrielson, 16.40-second run, worth $826
  7. 7. Katie Chism, 16.42-second run, worth $590
  8. 8. Ronda Casey, 16.55-second run, worth $472
  9. 9. Tasha Welsh, 16.57-second run, worth $413
  10. 10. Cydney Peterson, 16.63-second run, worth $354
  11. 11. Lisa Lockhart, 16.64-second run, worth $295
  12. 12. Branda Marsh, 16.67-second run, worth $236

Western Fest Stampede Rodeo

Granite Falls, Minnesota, June 23-25

1. Katie Chism, 14.64-second run, worth $2,008

2. Alyssa Gabrielson-second run, worth $1,707

3. Kristi Steffes, 14.69-second run, worth $1,405

4. Hallie Fulton, 14.81-second run, worth $1,205

5. Danyelle Hovland, 14.82-second run, worth $1,004

6. (tie) Nikki Hansen, 14.84-second run, worth $489

7. (tie) Branda Marsh, 14.84-second run, worth $489

8. (tie) Jessica Routier, 14.84-second run, worth $489

9. (tie) Sissy Warren, 14.84-second run, worth $489

10. Kricket Gintner, 14.90-second run, worth $301

11. Cassidy Webster, 14.91-second run, worth $251

12. (tie) Jamie Lenzner, 14.94-second run, worth $100

13. (tie) Ericka Nelson, 14.94-second run, worth $100

Buffalo Championship PRCA Rodeo

Buffalo, Minnesota, June 23-25

1. Marne Loosenort, 15.63-second run, worth $1,891

2. Jessica Routier, 15.67-second run, worth $1,621

3. Sara Winkelman, 15.73-second run, worth $1,351

4. Molly Otto, 15.81-second run, worth $1,171

5. Kristen Zancanella, 15.82-second run, worth $901

6. Jodi Nelson, 15.85-second run, worth $720

7. Nikki Hansen, 15.92-second run, worth $540

8. Shaw Nelson, 15.96-second run, worth $360

9. (tie) Nicole Bice, 15.99-second run, worth $225

10. (tie) Emmy Dockter, 15.99-second run, worth $225

Santa Fe, New Mexico, June 22-25

1. Andrea Busby, 17.33-second run, worth $2,071

2. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, 17.37-second run, worth $1,775

3. Cindy Smith, 17.38-second run, worth $1,479

4. Fallon Forbes, 17.71-second run, worth $1,282

5. Jana Bean, 17.79-second run, worth $986

6. Lisa Anderson, 18.02-second run, worth $789

7. Paige Dove, 18.03-second run, worth $592

8. Sarah Kieckhefer, 18.08-second run, worth $394

9. Kaylee Barker, 18.11-second run, worth $296

10. Leia Pluemer, 18.17-second run, worth $197

Edgewood Days PRCA Rodeo

1. Tasha Welsh, 14.54-second run, worth $2,617

2. (tie) Tasia Behnke, 14.58-second run, worth $2,028

3. (tie) Sara Winkelman, 14.58-second run, worth $2,028

4. Shelby Janssen, 14.63-second run, worth $1,570

5. Sissy Warren, 14.67-second run, worth $1,308

6. Danae Hildebrandt, 14.70-second run, worth $916

7. Emma Jordan, 14.71-second run, worth $654

8. Jamie Lenzner, 14.72-second run, worth $523

9. Kristen Meyer, 14.76-second run, worth $458

10. Camy Gheer, 14.77-second run, worth $393

11. Alexis Baratka, 14.78-second run, worth $327

12. Chelsea Gilman, 14.82-second run, worth $262

Lehi Roundup

Lehi, Utah

June 23-25

1. Sarah Waguespack, 17.22-second run, worth $1,909

2. Haylee Woodward, 17.28, 17.22-second run, worth $1,636

3. Jillette Atkinson, 17.48, 17.22-second run, worth $1,363

4. Cassidy Champlin, 17.49, 17.22-second run, worth $1,182

5. Shannon McReynolds, 17.50, 17.22-second run, worth $909

6. Meka Farr, 17.61, 17.22-second run, worth $727

7. (tie) Margo Crowther, 17.63, 17.22-second run, worth $454

8. (tie) Halle DeWitt, 17.63, 17.22-second run, worth $454

9. Amberley Snyder, 17.65, 17.22-second run, worth $273

10. Jordan Argyle, 17.68, 17.22-second run, worth $182

Thermopolis Cowboy Rendezvous PRCA Rodeo

Thermopolis, Wyoming June 24-25

1. Tayla Moeykens, 17.43-second run, worth $1,161

2. Maggie Poloncic, 17.63-second run, worth $995

3. (tie) Brittney Barnett, 17.73-second run, worth $774

4. (tie) Jenna Hoffman, 17.73-second run, worth $774

5. Kelby Eastman, 17.75-second run, worth $553

6. Heidi Tillard, 17.77-second run, worth $442

7. Lindsay Kruse, 17.78-second run, worth $332

8. (tie) Abby Phillips, 17.79-second run, worth $193

9. (tie) Hadley Tate, 17.79-second run, worth $193

10. Mary-Cecelia Tharp, 17.81-second run, worth $111

Newport Rodeo

Newport, Washington, June 24-25

1. Anne Meek, 15.96-second run, worth $1,006

2. Cheyenne Allan, 15.97-second run, worth $862

3. Shane Falon, 16.09-second run, worth $718

4. Leigh Parker, 16.17-second run, worth $623

5. Kaycie Kayser, 16.30-second run, worth $479

6. (tie) Teri Bangart, 16.32-second run, worth $335

7. (tie) Candice Osborne, 16.32-second run, worth $335

8. Shayla Currin, 16.34-second run, worth $192

9. Rachelle Riggers, 16.35-second run, worth $144

10. Jacee Currin, 16.37-second run, worth $96

Cindy Smith, Lovington, New Mexico, won the Alamosa Round-Up.

Meridian Lions Rodeo

Meridian, Idaho, June 24-25

1. Kristy Yerrington, 17.19-second run, worth $934

2. Amberley Snyder, 17.38-second run, worth $800

3. Deanna Davis, 17.41-second run, worth $667

4. Carly Christian, 17.51-second run, worth $578

5. Coti Fuller, 17.56-second run, worth $445

6. (tie) Tristan Parrish

7. (tie) Mary Thomas, 17.75-second run, worth $311 each

8. Michelle Williams, 17.82-second run, worth $178

9. Jacee Currin, 17.85-second run, worth $133

10. Josie Goodrich, 17.91-second run, worth $89

Flagstaff Pro Rodeo

Flagstaff, Arizona, June 23-25

 1. De’Ann Kiehne, 17.44 seconds, $1,058

2. Leia Pluemer, 17.68, $907

3. Kaitlin Schuck, 17.70, $756

4. Susan Siggins, 17.71, $655

5. Shelby Oglesby, 17.72, $504

6. Tara Seaton, 17.77, $403

7. Mariah Morgan, 17.81, $302

8. Jareth Curley, 17.89, $202

9. Doskie Edwards, 17.90, $151

10. Megan Albrecht, 17.94, $101

Alamosa Round-Up

Alamosa, Colorado, June 24-25

1. Cindy Smith, 17.29-second run, worth $1,088

2. Shawnee Williams, 17.45-second run, worth $932

3. Emery Mask, 17.60-second run, worth $777

4. Traci Nelson, 17.62-second run, worth $673

5. Ivy Saebens, 17.63-second run, worth $518

6. Shali Lord, 17.67-second run, worth $414

7. Payton McNiel, 17.76-second run, worth $311

8. (tie) Natalie Bland, 17.78-second run, worth $155

9. (Katie Drosihn, 17.78-second run, worth $155

10. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, 17.78-second run, worth $155

Days of ’56 Ponca Rodeo

Ponca, Nebraska, June 24-25

1. Marne Loosenort, 16.45 seconds, $838

2. Kortni McConnell, 16.50, $729

3. Jillian Zaun, 16.55, $619

4. Jamie Chaffin, 16.66, $510

5. (tie) Branda Marsh and Mable McAbee, 16.68, $346 each

7. Kristen Zancanella, 16.71, $182; 8. Emily Griffin, 16.72, $73

Little Big Horn Stampede

Hardin, Montana, June 24-25

1. Manchi Nace, 17.43 seconds, $1,049

2. Tayla Moeykens, 17.71-second run, worth $899

3. (tie) Ashley Haller, 17.81-second run, worth $699

4. (tie) Sharon Harrell, 17.81-second run, worth $699

5. Casey Wagner, 17.90-second run, worth $500

6. Cierra Erickson, 17.92-second run, worth $400

7. Maggie Poloncic, 18.02-second run, worth $300

8. Haley Stevenson, 18.07-second run, worth $200

9. Hailey Garrison, 18.10-second run, worth $150

10. Alexis McDonald, 18.16-second run, worth $100

Steamboat Springs Pro Rodeo Series

Steamboat Springs, Colorado, June 24-25

1.Maddy Dickens, 17.74-second run, worth $763

2. Shawnee Williams, 17.84-second run, worth $664 

3. Kelcey McNamee, 17.89-second run, worth $564

4. Mackenzie Scott, 17.92-second run, worth $465

5. (tie) Mary-Cecelia Tharp, 17.99-second run, worth $315

6. (tie) Kathryn Varian, 18.07-second run, worth $315

7. Chris Gibson, 18.07-second run, worth $166

8. Lake Mehalic, 18.19-second run, worth $66

Guy Weadick Days

High River Alberta, June 24-25

1. Dona Kay Rule, 17.37-second run, worth $2,049

2. Jordyn Tressider, 17.62-second run, worth $1,742

3. Wenda Johnson, 17.71-second run, worth $1,434

4. Cranna Roberts, 17.78-second run, worth $1,230

5. Justine Elliott, 17.83-second run, worth $1,025

6. Brooke Wills, 17.85-second run, worth $717

7. Lane Wills, 17.90-second run, worth $512

8. Lakota Bird, 17.93-second run, worth $410

9. Bradi Whiteside, 17.99-second run, worth $359

10. Rene Leclercq, 18.00-second run, worth $307

11. Danielle Tresidder, 18.04-second run, worth $256

12. Kasha Borsy, 18.12-second run, worth $205

Mesquite Championship Rodeo

Mesquite, Texas, June 25

 1. Lexi Doud, 15.37-second run, worth $692

2. Lauren England, 15.39-second run, worth $602

3. Jackie Ganter, 15.42-second run, worth $511

4. Fallon Taylor, 15.47-second run, worth $421

5. Zoey Thygesen, 15.52-second run, worth $331

6. Lauren Howe, 15.53-second run, worth $241

7. Codi Harman, 15.54-second run, worth $150

8. Teneille Angland, 15.56, $60.

Cowtown Rodeo

Woodstown Pilesgrove, New Jersey, June 25

1. Beth Borowy, 17.48-second run, worth $561

2. Sarka Sedinova, 17.90-second run, worth $488

3. Summer Konopinski, 18.07-second run, worth $415

4. Stephanie Dyer, 18.08-second run, worth $342

5. Kerri Frazier, 18.11-second run, worth $268

6. Lindsay Jones, 18.14-second run, worth $195

7. Riley Shetron, 18.15-second run, worth $122

8. Tori Roberto, 18.16-second run, worth $49

Weekley Brothers Davie Pro Rodeo

Davie,l Florida, June 25

1. Ashley Parks, 15.04-second run, worth $491

2. Dallas Sawczak, 15.16-second run, worth $427

3. Emilee Jackson, 15.29-second run, worth $363

4. Taylor Smith, 15.32-second run, worth $299

5. (tie) Mackenzie Bowers-second run, worth $203

6.l (tie) Ashley Jones, 15.34-second run, worth $203

7. Bobbie Alcazar, 15.42-second run, worth $107

8. Wendy Culberson, 15.47-second run, worth $43

Buffalo Stampede

Kadoka, South Dakota, June 23-24

1. Summer Kosel, 17.35-second run, worth $1,357

2. Kricket Gintner, 17.60-second run, worth $1,163

3. Jodi Nelson, 17.74-second run, worth $$969

4. Patty Finney, 17.85-second run, worth $840

5. Siggy Scheid, 17.90-second run, worth $646

6. Kassady Wright-Myers, 17.93-second run, worth $517

7. (tie) Hallie Fulton, 17.94-second run, worth $280

8. (tie) Hallie Hanssen, 17.94-second run, worth $280

9. (tie) Fonda Melby, 17.94-second run, worth $280

10. Erin Williams, 17.97-second run, worth $129

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Bonnie Wheatley brings a lifetime of professional experience in the Western industry to her role as Barrel Racing Content Director for BarrelRacing.com and Barrel Racing Magazine. She grew up immersed in ranching and the Western lifestyle before graduating from the University of California at Davis and relocating to the eastern plains of Colorado. When not researching and writing exciting new content, Wheatley enjoys running barrels, showing reined cow horses, cheering at her daughter Sage’s sporting events, and for her husband, Scot, and son, Regan, at team ropings and horse shows.