Which Barrel Racers Secured the 💰💰 in the Least Rodeos in 2022?

Learn which barrel racers earned the most and least money per rodeo during the 2022 regular season of ProRodeo en route to punching their NFR ticket.

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Learn which barrel racers earned the most and least money per rodeo during the 2022 regular season of ProRodeo en route to punching their NFR ticket.

For barrel racers, there’s many different paths to the NFR, and 2022’s ProRodeo regular season saw diverse cases.

At one end, No. 9 qualifier Kassie Mowry barely made her count to be eligible for the NFR, earning $92,553.30 in 26 rodeos. On the opposite side, No. 14 position holder Lisa Lockhart doubled down at the season’s end to earn $84,453.00 in 93 rodeos, getting close to the maximum 100 rodeos alotted.

No two cowgirls in the top 15 traveled identical routes throughout the season, and each of the 15—spare Jordon Briggs and Wenda Johnson—went to the same number of rodeos to clinch their qualification. Combined, the top 17 ladies in the world earned a total of $1,763,015.42, attended 1035 rodeos and earned an average of $1,703.40 per rodeo.

Note: Per WPRA rule No. 15.2.3. “There will be a minimum rodeo count for NFR eligibility of 25 WPRA approved rodeos and the World Finals.

Here is the complete list of earnings per rodeo for the ladies headed to the NFR, along with the names that ended up just below the qualifying line. Click on each athlete’s name for more information.

1Jordon Briggs$177,779.15 31$5,734.81
2Dona Kay Rule$127,441.79 37$3,444.37
3Wenda Johnson$121,594.27 31$3,922.40
4Stevi Hillman$120,602.22 50$2,412.04
5Hailey Kinsel$119,389.58 61$1,957.21
6Shelley Morgan$110,460.92 56$1,972.52
7Sissy Winn$101,848.16 64$1,591.38
8Margo Crowther$96,870.71 82$1,181.35
9Emily Beisel$93,964.76 88$1,067.78
10Kassie Mowry$92,553.30 26$3,559.74
11Bayleigh Choate (R)$90,892.81 89$1,021.27
12Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi$88,431.79 71$1,245.52
13Jessica Routier$86,863.10 63$1,378.78
14Lisa Lockhart$84,870.91 93$912.59
15Leslie Smalygo$84,453.00 50$1,689.06
16Cheyenne Wimberley (G)$82,677.99 82$1,008.27
17Paige Jones$82,320.96 61$1,349.52
TOTALS$1,763,015.42  1,035 $1,703.40

If the world standings list was ordered by average earnings per rodeo, and not by total money earned, it would appear like this.

*Bold: signifies athletes who did not qualify for the 2022 NFR.*

1Jordon Briggs$5,734.81311
2Wenda Johnson$3,922.40312
3Kassie Mowry$3,559.74263
4Dona Kay Rule$3,444.37374
5Stevi Hillman$2,412.04505
6Shelley Morgan$1,972.52566
7Hailey Kinsel$1,957.21617
8Leslie Smalygo$1,689.06508
9Sissy Winn$1,591.38649
10Jessica Routier$1,378.786310
11Paige Jones$1,349.52 6111
12Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi$1,245.527112
13Margo Crowther$1,181.358213
14Emily Beisel$1,067.788814
15Bayleigh Choate (R)$1,021.278915
16Cheyenne Wimberley (G)$1,008.27 8216
17Lisa Lockhart$912.599317

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